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Aug 9, 2013 - Cookout Party at Ezekiel’s Table, New Jersey

Are you planning a ladies’ outing with your girlfriends? Do you all enjoy cooking or are attempting to learn to cook better? Or, better yet, are you looking for a trip that will benefit everyone in the group? Why not learn to cook while you go on a trip? Sounds like a great plan, doesn’t it? Well, then you and your lady friends should start planning a trip to Ezekiel’s Table at 974 Mercer Road, Princeton, NJ on a chartered New Jersey bus for a day’s of cookout party there!

Eight persons would be just the right number for a “Cooking Class Dinner Parties for Eight” at Ezekiel’s Table – where you and your friends can get to choose when you want to go and what kind of menu you would like to have. Next, be sure to charter a New Jersey bus to take you and your friends to Ezekiel’s Table on the appointed day for a day of fun learning to cook and dine with the hosts right in the beauty of their Colonial dining room.

As you and your girlfriends arrive on the grounds the 300-year old farmhouse of Ezekiel’s Table, you will soon be escorted right into a rather large kitchen where all the action begins. Throughout the whole cooking process, you will be guided and taught by none other than, Chef Marcia Wilsie. She is generous in her sharing of tips and techniques of cooking to all present; always encouraging everyone to experiment with flavorings as well as spices. Cooking in a group has never been this much fun; and after all the hard day’s work of preparation, cooking and serving up the dishes, everyone will get to enjoy what they have conjured up in the kitchen in the beautiful Colonial dining room. And the best thing about the whole trip is that all the shopping and preparation of workstations in the kitchen is done by Chef Marcia herself – all you and your girlfriends need to do is just show up and have fun cooking as she guides everyone in her kitchen!

Ezekiel’s Table does not only cater to just eight people per visit – they also welcome guests who wish to throw parties like a bridal shower, a birthday party, a corporate get-together or even if it is just a “learning to cook session” with Chef Marcia Wilsie! Whatever the season, whatever the occasion, Ezekiel’s Table is definitely a wonderful place to go in a rented New Jersey bus any day.