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Jan 22, 2013 - New Jersey war memories

New Jersey has always been a symbol of America’s industrial might, and has produced some might machines of war during the Second World War. Take a charter bus, coach bus, party bus, mini bus, passenger coach or school bus rented from Bus Company New Jersey for a tour of New Jersey, and see for yourself some examples of the might and power that America displayed over the years. A rental bus is a good way of beating New Jersey’s traffic conditions, allowing you and your group to travel in comfort and style while your friendly reliable rental bus driver takes you where you need to go.

Technically a submersible and not a submarine, the U.S.S. Ling is a World War II sub docked at Hackensack, New Jersey. As the guide explains, a submarine is rounded and spends most of its time underwater, while a submersible is thinner in cross section and spends most of its time on the surface. As you step off your rental bus, you will see this 300 foot long grey painted steel war machine sitting quietly at the dock, with ducks swimming beside it on the river. Restored to its 1945 appearance and fit out, the U.S.S. Ling is like a three dimensional still life painting, with everything ship shape and stowed away. Old maps and Life magazines litter the officers' quarters, plastic vegetables and a bowl of yarn "spaghetti" liven up the crew galley. The guides on the U.S.S. Ling are knowledgeable, some of them being former submariners who served on subs much like the U.S.S. Ling. Questions are handled with ease, and encouraged, with little anecdotes and stories about life as a submariner interspersed to liven up the tour. A total of 52 out of 128 Balao Class subs like the U.S.S Ling were sunk during World War II, and of the 3,500 crewmen who served on those 52 subs, only 6 survived.

The Cold War was perhaps the scariest war that never happened, and it is possibly a good thing that it didn’t, because the consequences would not bear thinking about if someone had actually pushed the button. A short rental bus ride away in Sandy Hook is a Nike Missile Base, maintained by the National Park Service. The Nike missile program was designed in the 1950s to protect major US cities and military installations with defensive rings of guided supersonic missiles. The conventional warhead Nike Ajax missile, then the nuclear-capable Nike Hercules, would shoot off like 2-ton bottle rockets to greet high altitude Soviet bombers. The Gateway National Recreation Area has a restored and preserved Nike Missile Base, a relic of the Cold War, open to visitors during the summer. Obviously the base is now deactivated, but visitors can see old radar equipment, salvaged missile casings and the original base structures. As part of the former Fort Hancock military complex, visitors can also visit Guardian Park, a monument to some unsung heroes of the Cold War. Fort Hancock maintains a tribute at Guardian Park to honor the memory of the Cold War missile men of the US Army, where a whitewashed Nike Hercules missile stands adjacent to a simple granite monument.

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