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June 18, 2013 - New Jersey Water Park

Children of all ages enjoy water games, water sports – literally any activities that are water related. In fact, even adults enjoy water related activities – especially on hot summer days. Add on theme park kind of fun to the water activities and you have Splash Zone Water Park in Wildwood, New Jersey! Our NJ bus company provides rented buses to this water park for a splashing fun time – all you have to do is just to give us a call and let us arrange the transport while you pack your swimming attires and bring the whole family out for a great time.

Most, if not all of our NJ rented bus passengers, always have the best things to say about the Splash Zone Water Park whenever our bus drivers pick them up after having a spent a day at the water park. Not only will the older ones enjoy the adrenaline pumping water rides, the younger children in the family will also get to enjoy splashing fun in their shallow pool, fountains and soft play kits. One of the main attraction at the Splash Zone Water Park is the one thousand gallon bucket that pours over anyone walking in its path and trust us, you will not find a dry person when you walk under this bucket!

With so many people travelling to this water park all year round, our bus company drivers are quite accustomed to the shrieks of delight and excitement of young passengers in the bus when making his way to Splash Zone. As parents, safety would be on your minds when making trips to such parks. As far as we know, safety and security are a main concern for the operators of the park, so you can be assured that certified lifeguards and first aid stations are nearby all the time. The cleanliness of the park is always well maintained too. Lockers are available to keep your personal belongings as well.

They have different types of admissions rates which you can find out at the entrance and you can even rent their cabanas too, if you wish to. Free sunscreen is available at their sunscreen station while life jackets are inclusive with your park admission. If you happen to have a toddler with you aged 2 years and below, you will need to bring along a swim diaper, but if you did not do so, don’t worry, they do provide one for free. However, if you need extras, you will have to buy them at their Guest Services counter.

After a day of crazy and fun activities at the park, you will be glad to find our bus company drivers ever ready to bring you and your family home whenever you want.