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Oct 9, 2012 - Travel Tips for Road Trips

Going on the road is always a fun, yet challenging time. Here are some travel tips for road trips that will help you to enjoy the ride with the charter bus, party bus, coach bus and mini bus provided by Bus Company NJ even more.

Travel with someone you love, or like a lot as a good traveling companion can make or break your trip. When you’re traveling in a confined space with someone compatible, the hours seem to zoom by and it’s much more fun than being stuck with someone you can’t stand.

To ensure you don’t get bored out of your skull, remember to bring your own music. A road trip is the perfect excuse to revive your favorite mix tape, in the form of a burned CD or a playlist on your iPod.

Yes, one can get sunburned through a window, so be prepared for all eventualities and don’t forget to bring a hat, a pair of sunglasses and sunscreen. It will help to prevent a one-sided sun tan and even cancer.

If you have a sensitive tummy or have certain dietary requirements, bring your own food and drinks is always a good idea. Load up with your drink of choice, crackers, pre-made sandwiches, fruit or other travel friendly snacks. Especially if you’re traveling with children, get them to do something fun together with you on the charter bus bus and make the most use out of the spacious amenities in the NJ party bus provided by the NJ bus company of your choice.

All the party bus, charter bus, coach bus, and sleeper coaches provided by Bus Company NJ come with personal bathroom, unless specifically indicated otherwise. The large bus charters are well-equipped and maintained regularly. Otherwise, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find yourself having to pee about 15 minutes after you’re back on the road. 

Unexpected stops happen unexpectedly so plan for them in advance and allow yourself extra time for anything, including taking pictures of the awesome scenery that you’ll pass while riding with Bus Company NJ.

Try and catch up on your sleep or reading to pass the time. So bring a pillows or even a blanket, if there’s room together with that book you’ve been meaning to finish and you’ll find your trip a whole lot more enjoyable in the party bus. Charter buses are great places for you to catch a nap or listen to your favorite music too.

Last but not least, pack games for the kids, be it electronic or in the form of a DVD, CD, tablet or book. They get bored easily and making them an activity book or preparing a set of traveling games can transform a whining kid into a well-behaved angel. If all else fails, you can always fall back on a rousing game of I Spy.

If you need a party bus, charter bus, coach bus, sleeper coach, mini bus, school bus or any other large ground transportation for any event like birthdays, vacations, corporate functions, exhibitions, etc, please do keep Bus Companies NJ in mind because when it comes to finding you the perfect ride for the perfect occasion, there is no other quite like Bus Company NJ.