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Nov 7, 2013 - A True NJ Gem - Barnegat Lighthouse and Park

Like how the Statue of Liberty is instantly considered an iconic landmark for not just New York City but the country, Barnegat Lighthouse, one of the tallest lighthouses in the country is also another natural iconic landmark for New Jersey. To find the lighthouse, bring the New Jersey charter bus, shuttle bus, coach charter, minibus, schoolbus or party bus to Broadway and The Bay on Long Beach Island. The lighthouse is located in New Jersey’s longest offshore island. You can get to the island by car or charter bus depite it being approximately four miles out at sea. This should an interesting and educational tour for foreign visitors, really, because there is a very informative guide located at the lighthouse’s center which is open all the time.

Don’t worry about finding a parking spot if you are driving yourself to this amazing New Jersey landmark because there is plenty of free parking near the attraction. It is very convenient to just park and walk over to the lighthouse’s guest center. At the tourist center, learn about the lighthouse’s deep history and roots while also taking in the fact that there is a huge state park right next to it, the environment surrounding the lighthouse and also the wildlife preservation efforts made by the government.

Have a look around the park and you will realize just how popular the lighthouse is with not just tourists and visitors from out of town but birds. Birds of all kinds tend to love the lighthouse too. Have a stroll around the park during winter and if you are lucky, you will catch sight of a Harbor Seal. We love the jetty so much that we spent much of our time (after visiting the lighthouse) loitering around the jetty that juts out into the sea. Standing on the jetty with our friends, we simply took the time to take awesome pictures together while enjoying what nature had to offer.

Suffice to say, for sixty years, darkness loomed over Barnegat Lighthouse in which time, it served more as a museum and tourist attraction than a lighthouse. But it was in 2009 that the main function of the lighthouse came back....which is to serve as a lighthouse. Since then, it is a beacon for ships which lights shines out to more than twenty miles offshore.

If you are up to it, pay a small fee to climb to the top of the lighthouse for a breathtaking scenery. There is a story to every place and it is from the top of the lighthouse that all that you have learned about Jersey Shore seems to gel together so naturally.